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Protect the structure of your property with the expert termite control that you'll get from Pest Commander. It's essential that you catch termites early before the damage can lead to very costly repairs. Trust our 10 years of experience to get the job done right.

Wide variety of treatments

Eco-friendly chemicals to protect your home

  • Conventional liquid

  • Inspection

  • Baiting stations

  • Green chemistry available

  • WDIR inspections

Kill the termites without harming your pets or loved ones! You can use green, eco-friendly extermination chemicals that are safe for your whole family.


Your property will be protected from harmful termites without risking the health and safety of your guests or family members at all. Also, termite inspections are required by finance companies as part of the loan approval process.

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Highly Effective Termite Extermination

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Minimize damage to your property!

Termites eating wood. Get rid of them with Pest Commander! White young termites. Stop them from breeding with Pest Commander! CONTACT US TODAY!