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Protect your loved ones from communicable airborne diseases that they can pick up from a mosquito bite. Kill off mosquito populations quickly and effectively too. With Pest Commander's 10 years of experience, you're sure to see and experience fast results.

Effective pest elimination

Residential and commercial treatment

  • Backpack blower

  • Attack their daytime nest

  • Lasts for 3 weeks

  • Takes only 30 minutes

  • Green pesticides

Make sure your home or business is safe for your loved ones, employees, or guests. Mosquito bites can always ruin a good mood!


No one wants to spend their time swatting mosquitos during their outdoor activities, call today for more information on how we can help.

Call Now: 936-635-6785

Crucial Mosquito Control

Get a FREE in-home estimate for eliminating mosquitoes when you call now!

Get rid of those annoying bugs too!

Mosquito during daybreak. Pest Commander takes care of them! Pesky mosquitos in the woods CONTACT US TODAY!